Swiss Owned Swiss Owned
Service fee starting from 1,3 per successful transaction
fee€0,00 Setup fee fee€0,10 Transaction fee fee€0,50 Refund fee fee€5,00 Payout fee
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Transaction volume exceeding
30.000 /mo
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We Process Payments in Multiple Currencies

Transactions Management

Intuitive transactions and reports management system


International Payments

We accept the most popular online payment methods in the world


Fast Transaction Settlement

We settle the transaction in 2 days for 500 Euro minimum processed amount

fee We Support High-Risk Businesses

Twispay will help you identify potential threats, monitor suspicious transactions, mitigate chargebacks, and manage your risk on a daily basis

What exactly is high-risk?
Am I a low-risk merchant?

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Detailed Merchant Rates Service fees starting from*
EU Cards EU Cards
1,3% per successful transaction

We apply this integrated per-transaction pricing to all Visa and Mastercard bank cards. If the debit or credit card has been issued within the European Economic Area, this is the share that goes to Twispay.

1,3% per successful transaction
Non-EU Cards Non-EU Cards
+1,5% per successful transaction

Perhaps some of your customers are from outside the EEA. Don't worry, you can still accept their orders, as long as they are using Visa, Mastercard, or one of the accepted APMs (details further on).

+1,5% per successful transaction
Alternative Payment Methods Alternative Payment Methods
1,15% per successful card charge

Twispay enables you to accept payments from virtually anywhere in the world through any of the following payment methods:

starting from 1,15% per successful card charge
setup Setup
Included No setup-specific fees

Whether you use a popular eCommerce platform and you require a payment module or you have built your website from scratch and you need us to host your payment page, at Twispay the setup is free and will always stay that way!

Included No setup-specific fees
transaction Transaction
0,10 € per successful transaction

This flat transaction fee is applied regardless of the charged amount. May it be 50 or 5,000 Euros, every successful transaction entails the same flat transaction fee.

0,10 € per successful transaction
refund Refund
0,50 € per successful refund

Dissapointing as it may seem, there will always be customers who require refunds. Make sure you keep your refund policy up to date and treat every customer request with heart-felt care.

0,50 € per successful refund
payout Payout
5 € for min. payout amount of 500 €

We charge a flat payout fee, regardless of the settled amount. Every settlement will be timely and your money will be safeguarded above and beyond industry standards at every stage throughout the involved digital systems.

5 € for min. payout amount of 500 €
Enterprise-Level, Different or Complex Business Model?

Do you process more than 30,000 Euro per month? You might qualify for custom-volume pricing. Do you have unusually large orders or a complex business model that requires our assistance?
We have you covered.

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Secure Payment Gateway

Orchestrated through our Herculean API,
easy to integrate, and developer friendly
+ 34.99€

Flexible and Secure

PCI-DSS compliant, blazing fast electronic money transfers

Processing in any Currency

From any customer around the globe

Virtually any Payment Method

One integration - access to multiple providers and banks