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Diana Serban

by Diana Serban

Video marketing is simply using videos to promote your company, products, or services.

According to Statista, in May 2019, YouTube had 2 billion logged-in monthly viewers, compared to 1.8 billion in May 2018.

Video continues to be a reliable tool for storytelling and brand promotion, and it is wise to adopt it for your company.

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Video content can have a massive impact on your marketing campaigns and helps your brand to build trust by connecting it with its target audience in a more meaningful way.

Can anyone deny the popularity of videos these days?

No, because video marketing still dominates campaigns and drives visitors to stay longer on your website.

When you use videos for landing pages, it will increase conversions, meaning that people will become familiar with your products and actually take action.

The next best thing about videos is the intimate connection that you offer to the visitors of your website when you communicate using visuals.

Showing your content is more powerful than describing it with words, such as: “Person dressed in a suit, throwing money for no reason, possibly happy.”

Or you could just post a video like this one:

The same strategy applies to your services or products.

You can describe authentic olive oil, for example, and try to emphasize the benefits of natural products on health, or you could post a video of the olive oil factory and show the olives’ route, from olive fruits to the customer’s table.

Your olive oil video shows not just tells your story in writing.

Take a look at the benefits that we listed here about the way you can incorporate jobs-to-be-done in your strategies.

If people love your video, you can be sure that some of them will share it on social media, increasing its visibility and who knows… it can even go viral!

Think about videos from a whole new perspective.

Do you think customers would instead scroll through endless paragraphs of text to understand the products they like or play a self-explanatory 1-minute video that highlights all the benefits for them?

This translates into receiving important quantities of information in a short amount of time, adding value for your customers.

Here are some of the benefits of video marketing:

Videos boost your SEO

Videos improve your search engine optimization, and it will help your website to rise on top of the search engine results, growing its visibility.

Google has algorithms that prioritize websites with video content. The higher your site will appear in people’s search results, the greater the chances that they click on your landing page, read your content, and get to know your products.

Videos increase conversion rates

Increasing your conversion rate means that high traffic converts to essential actions that grow your brand: filling out a form, buying a product, etc.

People are more likely to purchase after watching an explanatory video.

Videos are a click away

You have a multitude of platforms to choose from when you want to upload your video content: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.

The possibilities are pure gold, and so are the consumers that can access your content anytime, anywhere, on their mobile devices.

Forget about traditional marketing campaigns and reach your target audience in an effortless yet efficient way.

Videos trigger emotions

A video increases trust because it transforms your company’s formalities into emotions and human faces or voices. This way, you will take advantage of an opportunity that your competition might miss.

When customers can relate to your videos, their connection to your services and products increases, and so are your sales.

Focus your videos on the problems that your services can solve for them, to create a deeper consumer connection.

Here are some critical numbers about video usage that you should consider when putting all your efforts together to make your business grow:

  • 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool (63% in 2017, and 81% in 2018)
  • 91% of video marketers consider video an important part of their marketing strategy
  • 83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI (up from 78% in 2018)
  • 90% of video marketers feel the level of competition and noise has increased in the past year.

Bear in mind the following benefits of videos:

  • 96% of people say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service
  • 79% of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a piece of software or app.
  • 68% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. This makes video more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) presentations and pitches (4%) ebooks and manuals (3%).

Video marketing has proven to be highly effective in 2019 and here’s how that looks in numbers:

  • 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website.
  • 81% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website.
  • 41% of marketers say that video has helped them reduce support calls.

Split by channels, here are the video trends for 2019:

  • YouTube Video

87% of video marketers have used YouTube as a channel.

Out of those, 80% say it’s been successful for them.

  • Facebook Video

84% of video marketers have used Facebook video as a channel.

Out of those, 85% say it’s been successful for them.

  • Instagram Video

51% of video marketers have used Instagram video as a channel.

Out of those, 88% say it’s been successful for them.

  • LinkedIn Video

51% of video marketers have used LinkedIn video as a channel.

Out of those, 84% say it’s been successful for them.

  • Twitter Video

45% of video marketers have used Twitter video as a channel.

Out of those, 71% say it’s been successful for them.

  • Webinar

41% of video marketers have used webinar as a channel.

Out of those, 83% say it’s been successful for them.

  • Facebook Live

35% of video marketers have used Facebook Live as a channel.

Out of those, 74% say it’s been successful for them.

  • Instagram TV

17% of video marketers have used Instagram TV as a channel.

Out of those, 53% say it’s been successful for them.

When it comes to sharing online content, it is undeniable that storytelling plays a crucial part in prompting the user to take action:

  • 48% of people said they’d be most likely to share video content with their friends, ahead of any other type of content. Video came out ahead of social media posts (23%), news articles (16%), blog posts (5%) and product pages (3%).

In other words, now is the time to create an outstanding video marketing strategy that will attract the customers you want.

The content inside your videos is totally up to your imagination and creativity.

Think about the key elements of your brand that you want your customers to hear, see and feel.

What message are you trying to send out there, in the World Wide Web? What action do you want your visitors to make?

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