Twispay, the first payment processor to sign with a cat :)

Diana Serban

by Diana Serban

Bossulica, the first Romanian cat entrepreneur and Twispay, Financial Institution licensed by NBR, joined forces with each other and now, the beloved cat enjoys the newest e-payment system for his own online store.

Being a big advocate of creative businesses, Twispay positions itself closer to the entrepreneurs that want to offer their clients a safe, easy and friendly payment experience.

Twispay provides e-payment services to merchants, at the most competitive prices on the market, with no hidden costs.

Start Processing Payments

At the core of the FinTech’s services lies a secure, PCI DSS compliant platform that enables merchants to process payments in several currencies from customers across the globe.

Why Twispay is the number one choice for a start-up

Consisting of a young and dedicated team, that provides continuous/permanent technical support, Twispay helps entrepreneurs that are just starting out, to offer their clients a simple and safe experience, through a customizable payment system.

Twispay’s clients are able to concentrate on their business, while having complete control over their transactions. They also have 24/7 fraud protection, through a performant alert and monitoring system.

With the transactions tracking option, merchants constantly have a complete image of all the key performance indicators for their business.

A few Twispay benefits:

  • Fast and secure payments. Instantly purchase without re-entering your credit card information
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring
  • Customizable checkout. Your logo, your color, your domain name.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Recurring payments and fast subscriptions for your clients.
  • Fast onboarding. Register your documents and start payment processing

If you are a creative entrepreneur as well, find out how Twispay can help you reach your goals!

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