Twispay at Mobile World Congress

Cristi Gheorghe

by Cristi Gheorghe

Hosting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been by far the most exciting promo activity the Twispay team has been up to in 2018, at least so far. As preparations are nearing completion and the event is just about to start, I can give you a sneak peek into what we've prepared for you, and a couple of reasons why you should mark our stand on your MWC must-check-out list.

So, Why Twispay?

Being a European PSP with a high focus on e-commerce, informed by extensive research on the European e-commerce sector, our aim is to offer EU-based e-commerce merchants a very swift and highly customizable payment experience.

To achieve this, we've made sure that we offer smooth integrations with the most popular e-commerce platforms, through payment modules that we offer completely free of charge to both new shops that are just starting to process, as well as e-shops going for a switch in their payment provider.

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Since we're living in a Mobile World, it's needless to say that the payment experience we've designed is superbly mobile friendly and users will encounter an entirely frictionless experience while paying with their card online by using their mobile devices. Thus, we're planning to break the long-established barrier in mobile-purchase conversion rates, that contrast mobile content consumption, which has been dominant for years.

Topping the list is the first and foremost interaction point between your business and Twispay: the on-boarding process, verifying merchant eligibility. For this, yours truly and my colleagues Hans, Oana, Chris are there to guide you through the process and make sure you'll have a quick start in an otherwise long and prosperous partnership.


We know it's on everybody's mind these days, and we feel it has the potential of becoming even more significant - with some specialists nominating 2018 as "the Year of Crypto" - so we've designed a crypto payment unparalleled checkout which we're more than happy to showcase to you.

Since we're still polishing the final details of the implementation, we're taking this opportunity to dive into this topic with you and find out your view so that once it's ready, it will easily be the best service on the market.

And, since it's a hot topic, we thought it's most appropriate to discuss it over a nice, hot cup of coffee, which brings me to our next surprise...

We know giveaways are overrated. So this year we've chosen to greet our visitors with probably one of the best cups of coffee at MWC. It takes guts to make such a statement, but let me tell you just a few things about it, so by reading this, you'll be sure to pass by our stand.

I've personally ordered a batch of freshly roasted, unique blend from one of my favorite coffee roasters. Place that in a properly set grinder, make sure the quantities are just right and that the one operating the machine knows what is doing (wink) and you get the perfect espresso shot. Pair it with that ideal milk cream, not-too-frothy, not-too-hot, and you're presented with a smooth, tasty latte (and, sometimes, art).

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Caught your attention already? Then make sure you pay us a visit at booth 8.1G31. You may want to book a meeting ahead since we're expecting it to be rather busy, or just drop in - we'll be equally glad to have you. See you there!

Cristi Gheorghe Cristi Gheorghe