Merry Twismas, FinTech Pioneers!

Sorin Despot

by Sorin Despot

Although it is available for everyone to read, this post is for you, dear Twispay colleagues! As the curtain starts falling on the twenty seventeen FinTech scene, let’s stop for a minute and bask in the glory of our achievements. Moreover, let’s skim through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us in twenty eighteen.

Twispay Stands for Quality

In our pursuit of financial technology greatness, we have been steadily growing both our team and our portfolio and, most importantly, we have developed a product that places our customer and our customer’s customer at the epicenter of our joint efforts.

Consistent growth and development strategies allowed us to fashion trusting, loyal relationships with our potential and existing clients, especially since our technology-driven breakthroughs have become overriding swayers of e-merchant preferences.

The First to Do It

The final quarter of twenty seventeen has placed Twispay at the forefront of the Central and Eastern European FinTech sector. We have made history on two fronts:

The news of our pioneering endeavors has reached the farthest corners of the finance world, having been picked up by prestigious news organizations such as France Presse, CNBC, Market Watch, and Bloomberg. In twenty eighteen, esteemed Twispay pioneers, the world is our stage.

OK, What's Next?

Marshall McLuhan is famous for coining this title: The medium is the message. The self-appointed pop culture Sacerdote – best known for his game-changing book, The Gutenberg Galaxy – still surprises twenty-first-century professionals. Bafflingly, his analysis of human history, communication, and human behavior still offers appropriate solutions even on channels that have been around for less than a decade.

The medium IS the message. It means that all mediums should be treated differently. Every medium brings different expectations from our payment processing users, various sorts of interactions and attitudes. What works on one e-shop might do poorly on another. So, building on our ability to offer fully customizable user experiences is pivotal to our twenty eighteen success.

Twisbox – the Future of Personal Banking

Twenty eighteen will be the year that brings the future to the wallets and mobile devices of more and more consumers, and we are prepared to take this tremendous opportunity. Twisbox will be a game-changing consumer service. It is built from the ground up to offer users a level of functionality and flexibility that traditional banking has never even come close to offering. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Once more, we will make history.

A Shout Out to Our Clients and Partners

Please accept our best wishes for a happy Holiday Season. We wish you a wonderful Holiday and a fantastic New Year. Here is to a successful journey together, through twenty eighteen!

Holiday cheers, to and from the Twispay Pioneers!

Sorin Despot Sorin Despot