Install the new Twispay WooCommerce 1.0.6 Plugin

Diana Serban

by Diana Serban

When we talk about creating a great website for your business, there are many things to consider, such as design, content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other factors. But your website performance is the most important thing.

Since time is money, as a business owner you want a fast-loading and optimised website. If your potential or existing client is looking to purchase something, even a few seconds can count for his decision to abandon his cart and leave the website.

The key to successfully increase customer loyalty and of course, your sales, is to add value to the payment experience. That’s why, Twispay has been working hard on a number of updates to improve common workflows and to create a friendly user experience.Install the plugin now

Five key benefits will make your store provide a more engaging experience for your customers:

  • Quick and easy installation (compatible with WooCommerce v3.6 and WordPress v4.7 or higher)
  • Secure credit card processing for Visa and Mastercard
  • Fully customizable payment page
  • Subscriptions management through WooCommerce Subscriptions (v2.5.2 or higher)
  • Refund management from WooCommerce

What is new about the 1.0.6 Plugin version?

You will find the following enhancements in 1.0.6:

NEW We’ve made it easier for new and existing store owners to quickly and effortlessly accept online card payments. Seamless checkout process through a fully customized and secure payment page hosted by Twispay will offer your customers the certainty that their order is in the right hands.

NEW The Twispay plugin can handle subscriptions now with the help of WooCommerce Subscriptions. We made it possible for merchants to offer recurring payments through Twispay.

NEW We added refund support within the WooCommerce order management view, that allows merchants to quickly process refunds without having to leave their admin panel.

NEW We performed security and performance updates to the plugin, so now the submission of data from WooCommerce to the Twispay secure servers is stable and fast.

So, go ahead and increase your store’s performance with this new update that will help your business!

If you’re new to Twispay, you can find out more about the Subscriptions in eCommerce:

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Or take a quick look at how Twispay securely manages the payment processing:

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