Chatbots, Mobile Sales and other 2019 trends that caught our eye

Luiza Filipoi

by Luiza Filipoi

There are so many incredible trends which will change eCommerce as we know it. We can definitely say that 2019 set a new perspective on how we see the future. Passing through the multitude of innovative trends, we noticed some that were standing out. Let's take a look and see how they could bring added value to our businesses.

1. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is our favourite word in 2019, especially when talking about eCommerce. As everybody knows, AI met an incredible growth and probably reached all the existing industries, yours included. Every event we attended this year, from marketing to financial conferences, had a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, and it wasn't a surprise. AI is offering ambitious solutions that could really differentiate you from your competitors by improving, directly or indirectly, the provided services. These solutions or tools come in a very diverse range, from self-driving cars to chatbots. Combining them with a powerful strategy will make your business unstoppable.

These chatbots we mentioned were definitely standing out in the crowd of AI solutions, not because it’s the most innovative one, but because it is effective. They took the online world by storm and Sales or CX departments can't stop talking about them. Based on the experience with big powerful brands, consumers desire and expect their needs to be fulfilled instantly. These chatbots can converse and respond immediately to customer queries via live chat. They are changing the eCommerce consumer experience for the better and reinventing the way customers interact with retailers or other companies. An Oracle study reveals that 80% of marketing and sales leaders are using or intend to use chatbots by 2020. That’s a lot! What are your plans?

Chatbots will become a mandatory tool for eCommerce.

2. Augmented Reality

We already told you about this eCommerce trend, but let's go over it again. Augmented Reality is a revolutionary technology that blends digital information with the physical environment. AR technologies are offering enhanced buying experience, and by delivering a more personalized digital experience, you will stand out in front of your competitors. People enjoy seeing the product before buying. Now there is no need to visit a physical shop, Augmented Reality offers the possibility to see, test, or explore products. We can now see, from the comfort of our home, how the new makeup line looks on us, or how well a new couch will fit in the living room.

Besides the buying experience, AR could help you run a unique digital marketing campaign. For example, Augmented Reality could transform your static ads into something more attractive. When scanning the ad with your AR phone app, it could show you an animated version, all by the power of image recognition. This trend has an incredible potential to change how eCommerce is evolving.

Augmented Reality, a game-changer for eCommerce.

3. Environmental Concerns

Another trending thing that catches our eye is environmental concern. Environmental degradation and global warming made the headlines many times this year. Only the last two months were swarmed of news about Amazon's wildfire. You may wonder why we are talking about it in this article or if this could impact your business. Well, we’re telling you that it could influence your sales for the best or worst, it’s your decision.

Recently, we observed quite significant changes towards sustainability in individual behaviour. By consuming any product or service, the consumer exerts influence on the environment, and it seems that he knows it. Individuals become more conscious than ever and demand greener products and services. Whether they are set to quit smoking, to eat less meat, to recycle or to use green mobility, their changes could impact your business. Various researches are showing that the environment concern influences modern consumer's purchase behaviour, and many brands are trying to respond to their eco-friendly needs by incorporating this insight into their strategy. Some are upgrading their products to be more sustainable; others are changing the practices to minimize their impact as a company. If the customers identify and connect with your values, they’ll buy more from you. Brands should approach the environment and society the same way as their clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Online business, including yours, should augment their environmentally friendly practices and campaigns to enlarge the client satisfaction and loyalty but also profitability. 

The ideology of “only me, always me” is becoming more and more ineffective.

4. Social media shopping

Social media’s popularity is not something new or surprising, but some features could be. Social media has changed our lives and how we live them, including our purchasing behaviour. We're sure you saw ads or posts with the purchase options if you haven't tried it yourself. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Twitter improved their social selling features and introduced the "buy" button. Instagram by Facebook is offering the possibility to tag your products in photos, videos, or stories. This way, every post is an opportunity to shop, and you're not bound to "boring" visual content. It should make you or other eShops think about the social media presence and how to improve it.

These platforms are great for eCommerce brands; consumers are spending a whole lot of time online. Every day, more and more customers are shopping through social media platforms. They can easily access information about the product: a presentation image, a brief description, even the price. With all these new tools, social media has become more than an advertising channel. All these platforms are a source of inspiration for everyone, and now, users have the possibility of purchasing quick and convenient while scrolling their wall for the latest selfies or events. This eCommerce trend improves the shopping time and effort while making it more personal and accessible to customers. It's simple and easy to use as most social media features. You should set up your account and show us your creativity!

Social selling is changing the customer journey!

5. Mobile shopping

Even if this trend is something you already know and is strongly linked to social media shopping, it's essential to talk about it. Consumers are expecting a great and convenient digital journey; therefore mobile is having a significant impact on eCommerce. The mobile market is really mature, and the eCommerce is rapidly going mobile. With an internet connection, consumers can search, research, and buy directly on their phone, whenever they want. As online shopping becomes more trustful, users are feeling more comfortable than ever to use their phones for it. The mobile shopping "revolution" started a while ago, but not all the eCommerce players offer this convenience on their website, not to talk about brand's apps. Mobile apps are allowing you to send personalized offers or to push notifications with products, promotions, or news about your brand while improving to your brand image.

One crucial part of mobile shopping, to which not all give attention is the checkout and the payment gateway interface. This step is also significant in that digital journey we mentioned above. Other than security, which should be your primary concern, take into consideration how this gateway looks and how could affect the customer experience. We strongly encourage you to pick a mobile-friendly gateway; besides this, you might consider matching the interface with your brand or site to avoid visual discrepancies for your customers. If you don’t know how to do that, or you can’t find a suitable provider, we’re here to offer you the best solutions.

Mobile friendly way is the right way!

All in all, these eCommerce trends promise an enhanced customer experience for the future. Twispay encourages you to be bold and step ahead of your competition. Furthermore, if a seamless, secure and flexible payment process as part of the customer experience is one of your priorities in terms of being up to date with trends, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Luiza Filipoi Luiza Filipoi