2018 Ecommerce Events in Europe

Cristi Gheorghe

by Cristi Gheorghe

Ecommerce is growing every year and, as 2018 is to surpass the already high numbers of 2017, the online sector is trying to keep up with the increased interest of the users. To help you keep up with what the industry is preparing in terms of innovation and market trends, I've compiled a list of the must-attend ecommerce conferences and events taking place in Europe in 2018.

Additionally, you can treat yourself to a market-share breakdown of the global ecommerce-platform industry, to get a better feel of the status quo and the general trends that are shaping the current ecommerce landscape.

Ecommerce Events - January 2018

Mobile Shopping 2018

Mobile innovators and savvy online retailers gather in London to share experiences and try to improve the visitors' experience when using their mobile devices to purchase services and goods.

Ecommerce Events - February 2018

Ecommerce Berlin Expo

Over 20 speakers will take on subjects as marketing, client communication or machine learning for data-driven reasoning and payment optimization in emerging markets.

You can follow the event on Twitter> #ecommberlin

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Ecommerce Events - March 2018

The 9th Annual European Ecommerce Conference 2018

Held on Thursday 8 March 2018 from 08.30 to 17.00 CET, at the Hotel Boulevard in Brussels, the 9th Annual European Ecommerce Conference will tackle the latest changes in the ecommerce sector including VR and AI technologies that are meant to help enhance the user experience when purchasing online goods.

eTail Berlin 2018

This event is meant for German ecommerce retailers that want to improve the way they approach the challenges of the online retail industry. Over 400 executives will try to learn from the biggest players like Otto, Zalando or Henkel and will form business relationships with the other participants.

Internet Retail Expo - IRX 2018

IRX 2018 is meant to be one of the largest multichannel retail event in UK with over 5000 visitors and 300 exhibitors, with multiple conference tracks from Marketing to innovation and international growth, the Expo will also have 3 hands-on workshops where the ecommerce owners will be able to gain knowledge that will help them improve their online business.

Ecommerce Events - April 2018

eShow Barcelona 2018

The eShow Barcelona 2018 will take place at Fira Barcelona, pavilion 8

With over 13.000 visitors and 160 Exhibitors, this event is the meeting point for the Spanish retail professional and is one of the largest ecommerce and Digital Marketing events in Spain.

At the same time at Fira Barcelona will take place another major event that will help online businesses optimize their payment process.

eFintechShow Barcelona 2018

The target audience of this event are the executives of banking and finances that want their companies to be up to date with the latest changes in the financial sector, subjects like the newest technologies and the latest regulations will be the focus of this event that is available by private invitation.

This event will focus on decentralized technologies including Blockchain and Crypto, and will also feature over 30 Fintech Startups.

Digital Commerce Day 2018

Focused on the German ecommerce sector the Digital Commerce Day tries to focus on the latest online strategies and trends and also help attendees gain real insights and experience from other peers. Mostly meant for german speaking audience.

Ecommerce Events - May 2018

GPEC Summit and Ecommerce Expo 2018

  • 29 - 31 May 2018 - Bucharest, Romania
  • gpec.ro

One of the largest ecommerce events in Eastern Europe, the GPEC Ecommerce Expo 2018 in Bucharest will bring together top international speakers that will share their online experience with focus on the ecommerce sector.

Conferences, workshops and training sessions will be organized for the over 600 professionals that are expected to attend the event.

Ecommerce in Italy 2018

Organized by Casaleggio Associati, this event is attended by ecommerce merchants.

Ecommerce Live! 2018

Ecommerce Live! is the leading ecommerce event in the Netherlands as it is estimated to have over 1300 visitors interested in the latest trends of the online sector and the ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Events - June 2018

eTail London 2018

With almost 20 years of experience in organizing this event, the eTail London 2018 will bring together some of the biggest players online and offline retailers together with some trending startups to join a world-class ecommerce event. Top brands like Amazon, Airbnb, Coca-Cola or Lego are among the attendees.

Ecommerce Events - July 2018

K5 Future Retail Conference Berlin 2018

With over 3000 visitors and 100 exhibitors this year's K5 Conference in Berlin will focus on the positioning of the small retail players among the big names in the industry.

Ecommerce Events - September 2018

Paris Retail Week 2018

As part of the Paris Retail Week, this ecommerce event will bring together over 800 companies in the online and offline sectors, and will focus on bringing valuable resources to the e-merchants from trending online platforms, competitive payment solutions and digital marketing to logistics, shop fittings and equipment.

Ecommerce Events - September 2018

eCommerce Expo London 2018

Being the largest ecommerce event in UK, the eCommerce Expo 2018 is expected to have in attendance over 8500 ecommerce professionals giving the exhibitors the opportunity to form long lasting relationships with peers and technology providers that will help them grow their business.

The speakers will tackle a great range of subjects from digital marketing and SEO to customer insights and online visitors experience.

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Overview of European Ecommerce in 2018

Technological changes are being implemented by businesses all over Europe in order to help them find the edge they need to stay ahead of the curve. Strategies for reducing costs in logistics, equipment and supplies are the focus of every retailer and, as the users started to use more and more cashless payment methods like online card payments and mobile payments, ecommerce owners are looking toward financial institutions to provide them with new and innovative payment methods and applications.

With new regulation changes to be implemented in the financial sector and the Brexit transition that is set to change the dynamic of European commercial relations, 2018 is bound to be an interesting year both offline and online.

Cristi Gheorghe Cristi Gheorghe